ICT Resources

Here we will list resources focused on the needs of ICT support persons installing or maintaining ezFMD in their HSE facility.

Installation files (latest):

Select the Downloads page for:

  • The main Windows Setup.exe
  • The current Installation Guide
  • For systems running Windows 7 (only), a driver is required for the Datalogic scanners
  • Other support documents

Each site (hospital, community facility) has a unique ID which is loaded into ezFMD during the installation, as described in the guide. If you do not have the required site-specific XML file for your location, please contact us from your work account and we will provide it.

If undertaking an installation, it is recommended to download the latest version. Typically, an installation should take circa 5 to 10 minutes. If a Windows 7 PC required the installation of the later .NET Run-time, which can add a delay.

Hardware selection

We recommend the following hardware and software on which to use ezFMD:

  • PCs running Windows 10 (preferred) or Windows 7.
    (Older versions such as XP are not supported.)
  • A Datalogic 2D barcode scanner with support for Serial over USB mode enabled. For Windows 10, the built-in driver works well for many barcode readers. A suitable device driver, if Windows 7. (See above for a Datalogic driver download details.)

Scanner selection

For Datalogic scanner models as supplied by the HSE, audio feedback on the pass or failure result of the authentication test for each pack is available, allowing the operative to scan through many packs without regular reference to the screen. (A distinctive sound is made for any pack with an Amber or Red status.) This is currently supported on the Datalogic QM2430 (wireless) and QD2430 (wired), the models most widely used in FMD in Ireland. For scanner setup, see the Scanner page.