The scanner provided in the HSE context is made by Datalogic. It is a most capable scanner. Should the scanner lose its pre-configured setup, it needs to be set up again. This is done by scanning the codes shown below. If in doubt, contact your local ICT who will be in a position to help you with this. Do not perform these steps unless there is a problem with the setup of your scanner.

You can download a PDF from the Downloads page or scroll down to scan the codes from your screen.

For some users, it is annoying when the scanner responds to any movement while the scanner is in its cradle. This can be changed in accordance with the guide available as a PDF from the Downloads page.

Certain packs of medicines carry both a 1D EAN barcode as well as an FMD 2D Data matrix barcode . It can become frustrating when the scanner accidentally picks up the 1D EAN barcode, even though ezFMD. To address this, follow the instructions on the guide available as a PDF from the Downloads page (DataLogicScannerDisable1d.pdf)

Datalogic Barcode Scanner Configuration

In order to prepare your scanner for use with ezFMD, please scan each of the codes in turn, when asked to do so by a technical support person.

Wait at least 3 seconds between each scan. The scanner should stop emitting beeps before proceeding to the next step.

TIP: As you scan each code, cover the others so that the scanner picks up only the one you wanted to scan. If you are having a problem scanning from the screen, try printing the page and scanning then – this can eliminate glare.

Scanner detection within ezFMD

The scanner should be plugged into a USB port directly. Once set up correctly, ezFMD will normally find a Datalogic scanner automatically. If not, click on the small scanner icon in the bottom right hand corner of the ezFMD screen and follow the instructions.

scanner icon


The following is the page from the Datalogic manual:

scanner cleaning